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EPA OIG Hotline Complaint Form



Anyone with knowledge of fraud, waste, abuse, misconduct, or mismanagement involving the U.S., Environmental Protection Agency should contact the Office of Inspector General's hotline.


Further details are provided on the EPA OIG Hotline Information webpage about:

  • reporting to the Hotline
  • understanding fraud, waste and abuse
  • information about whistleblowing
  • information about mandatory disclosures

The easiest way to submit a hotline complaint is to fill out and submit the following form.

I am providing my name and I agree that EPA OIG can disclose my name and other information I provide, if necessary, to ensure my issues are addressed.

I wish to be confidential, meaning I am providing the OIG my name, but I request that the OIG not disclose my name outside the OIG. This option is appropriate for complainants who fear reprisal.

I wish to be anonymous, meaning the OIG will not know my name. If I make this selection, I understand that the OIG will not be able to contact me, and the OIG may not have enough information to pursue my concerns.

Alleged Wrongdoer Information
Type of Alleged Violator
Was it a person, company, or organization alleged to have engaged in crime, waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement?
Incident Information
Do you have firsthand knowledge of the wrongdoing?
Provide any supporting documents, photos, e-mails, etc.
Maximum 3 files.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, png, txt, pdf, doc, docx.