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Meet the Chief of Staff


Chief of Staff Kellie J. Walker

Kellie J. Walker joined the EPA OIG in 2017 and became the Chief of Staff for the Office of Inspector General (OIG) in April of 2022. She served in the position as acting since 2020 early in the formation of the new Office of the Chief of Staff. Ms. Walker also serves as the OIG’s Senior Resource Officer and Deputy Civil Rights Official for the OIG. On behalf of the IG, Ms. Walker serveer – the Office of Strategic Analysis and Results, the Office of Mission Support, and the Office os as the IG’s principal executive responsible for the IG’s mission support/internally focused work. As such, Ms. Walker oversees the development of the OIG strategic and annual oversight plans, top management challenges for EPA and CSB, the OIG’s compendiums, and spearheads resourcing the OIG’s IIJA and other Congressionally mandated operations. She is also responsible for other support functions such as the OIG’s data analytics, policy and performance management and the management integrity program. Additionally, she oversees the OIG’s budget execution and formulation, human resource operations, acquisitions, facilities, records and property management, as well as the IG’s office of information technology. In short, Ms. Walker is responsible for the OIG’s mission support elements encapsulated in the three offices led by Chiefs that report to hf Information Technology. 

Ms. Walker has over 34 years of experience that spans private industry, military, and government service. Her portfolio includes a wide array of disciplines to include financial management, contracting, risk management, internal controls, human capital management, strategic planning, data analysis and visualization, business analytics and IT program management. She has managed billions of dollars for the Army, FBI, and the U.S. Treasury. Prior to joining EPA OIG, Ms. Walker served as the CFO of the Army’s Warrior Transition Command managing resources to support over 17,000 of the Army’s Wounded, Ill, and Injured Soldiers, and Veterans nationally and internationally.

Ms. Walker retired from the U.S. Army as a Finance Corps Lieutenant Colonel. She not only taught generals and future generals Congressional briefing techniques at the Army War College, Ms. Walker also spearheaded resource strategy and execution for both the Army and Air Force for the D.C. National Guard. Ms. Walker received numerous awards and accolades for her impactful results. She is certified in Strategic Planning from the National Defense University, Executive Leadership and High-Performance Teams from Cornell University, and Defense Finance Management with an Acquisitions specialty through the Association of Military Comptrollers Society. 
Ms. Walker has a B.B.A. in Accounting from Fort Valley State University, Master of Public Administration, and is a Ph.D. candidate in Organizational Management at Regent University.