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Congressional and Media Protocols


For congressional and media inquiries, call the Office of Congressional and Public Affairs at (202) 566-2391 or email: OIG.PublicAffairs@epa.gov.

Congressional Requests

As Congress is one of the OIG’s primary customers, we carefully consider written requests from any committee or member of Congress that we audit, evaluate or investigate issues within our authority or jurisdiction. The OIG will not begin such work without a written request. Given our limited resources, the OIG may not be able to undertake all requests received from Congress as we must give priority to our mandated work. Congressional mandates include requirements for work directed by statutes or committee reports. Therefore, the OIG recommends that members of Congress and committees consult with the OIG prior to submitting a request so that the OIG can best understand any factors that would affect the priority the OIG will assign to that request.


The OIG’s Office of Congressional and Public Affairs is the primary point of contact for all media inquiries on matters related to the OIG, which ensures that they are handled expeditiously. We understand and appreciate that reporters often work under short deadlines, so our goal is to respond to any inquiry within one business day. We will respond only to media inquiries that pertain to the OIG; inquiries that are program- or policy-oriented will be referred to the EPA’s Office of Public Affairs.

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