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EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management Lacked a Nationally Consistent Strategy for Communicating Health Risks at Contaminated Sites

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Pollution Control and Clean Up (PCC)

Report #21-P-0223, September 9, 2021

As part of its mission to protect human health, the EPA communicates risks from contaminated sites to the public. Without accurate, clear, and timely information, residents living on or near contaminated sites cannot take precautions, if necessary, to protect their health and safety.

Report Materials

Podcast overview of this report (7:52)

Informe en Espanol (Spanish translation)

Visión de conjunto de Podcast del informe de la OIG (10:09) (Spanish podcast)

This report relates to: Project #OA&E-FY19-0031

Video: Communicating Health Risks at Contaminated Sites

EPA OIG Multimedia, 4:27


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