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Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Oversight Plan—Year Three

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This third edition of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Inspector General’s annual Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Oversight Plan summarizes our ongoing and planned audits, evaluations, and other engagements concerning the EPA’s implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Pub. L. No. 117-58 (2021).


This document provides an update to our plan for oversight of the EPA’s implementation of the IIJA.

We have divided this Year 3 oversight plan into three time-based sections that describe planned and ongoing IIJA-related audit and evaluation projects for FY 2024 and beyond. The first section includes planned and ongoing projects for Year 3 of our IIJA oversight, the second section details planned projects for Years 4–5, and a third section summarizes our planned approaches for oversight work expected in Year 6 and beyond. Each of the planned and ongoing projects summarized in this plan relates to the EPA’s IIJA implementation work; however, some projects identified in this oversight plan will receive partial support from annual appropriations. 

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