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News Releases Highlighting the Office of Investigations

News releases reporting on the specific results of investigations, including criminal sentencings and convictions.

DateNews Release
Feb 21, 2024Charlotte Man Is Sentenced And Fined For Violating The Clean Air Act
Feb 9, 2024Ten Defendants Arrested on Federal Indictments Related to a Multi- Million Dollar Fraud Scheme
DateNews Release
Oct 19, 2023President of Suburban Chicago Environmental Company Indicted for Allegedly Obstructing Federal Probe Into Grant Funding of Hotel Demolition Project
May 1, 2023Charlotte Auto Repair Shop Owner is Sentenced and Fined for Violating the Clean Air Act
Feb 8, 2023Two Men Charged in Wire Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme
Jan 30, 2023Reliance Laboratories manager admits to lying about testing public water
DateNews Release
Oct 4, 2022Lexington Woman Sentenced for Wire Fraud and Money Laundering
Sept 1, 2022New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation to Pay $500,000 for Falsely Certifying that Members of Former Governors’ Staff Worked on Federal Clean Water Act Grant
July 28, 2022Project Manager Pleads Guilty to False Statements Regarding Lead Contamination at City Park
June 16, 2022Owner of Water Treatment Company in Tumwater, Wash., Pleads Guilty, Sentenced for Falsification of Public System Water Samples to Lab After EPA OIG Investigation
June 10, 2022Burlington County Businessman Admits Defrauding Over 75 Victims of More Than $2.7 Million in Scheme to Sell Pesticides He Claimed Would Kill Coronavirus
Mar 30, 2022Federal Employee Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography
DateNews Release
Dec 13, 2021Lexington Man Sentenced for Wire Fraud
Dec 2, 2021Four Men Sentenced to Prison for Roles in Construction Insurance Fraud Scheme
DateNews Release
Dec 10, 2020Newport Woman Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud and Stealing from Federally Funded Program
Oct 2, 2020South Carolina Man Sentenced to 36 Months for Mail Fraud Conspiracy, Theft from Employee Benefit Plans, and Unlawful Storage of Hazardous Waste
Sep 23, 2020Nigerian Man Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Computer Hacking Scheme that Targeted Government Employees
Jan 31, 2020Man from Tucson, Arizona sentenced to 18 months in prison for sending letters threatening to kill Albuquerque police officers
DateNews Release
Oct 2, 2019Nigerian National Appears On Charges Relating To Computer Hacking Scheme That Targeted Government Employees
Aug 15, 2019Government Contractor Settles Civil False Claims Act Allegations
Mar 25, 2019Duke University Agrees to Pay U.S. $112.5 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Related to Scientific Research Misconduct
Mar 1, 2019Fairbanks Man Sentenced to Prison for Misapplying over $300,000 from Organization Receiving Federal Funds
DateNews Release
Dec 14, 2018Appeals Court Upholds Scientists’ Fraud Convictions
Dec 13, 2018Whiting Man Convicted After 4-Day Jury Trial
July 31, 2018Former Executive Director Sentenced To 37 Months In Federal Prison
June 20, 2018Alabama Computer Store Owner Charged in Fraud Scheme to Acquire, Sell Government Computers Intended for Schools, Nonprofit Organizations
Mar 22, 2018Fairbanks Man Charged for Misapplying Over $300,000 from Organization Receiving Federal Funds
Feb 15, 2018Grand Jury Returns Indictment Against Former Executive Director Of The Calhoun Conservation District
DateNews Release
Nov 15, 2017Environmental Training Instructor Who Falsely Certified Asbestos Abatement Courses is Sentenced
May 26, 2017Arizona Man Arrested for Assaulting Federal Officers and Mailing Threatening Communications in New Mexico
Mar 16, 2017South Korean Businessman Convicted on Fraud Charges in Scheme to Deceive U.S. Municipalities out of Federal Stimulus Funds
Feb 17, 2017Florida Man Pleads Guilty in Wire Fraud Case Related to Falsified Water Testing in Dale County, Alabama
DateNews Release
Dec 15, 2016Two Florida Men and a Corporation Indicted in Wire Fraud Case Related to Falsified Water Testing in Dale County
Dec 2, 2016Palm Beach County Man Sentenced to 150 Months' Imprisonment for Role in Bonding Fraud Scheme
Nov 4, 2016Naperville Man Charged with Possessing Child Pornography
Oct 31, 2016Two Individuals Ordered to Pay Over $4 Million in Restitution For Their Participation in a Conspiracy to Defraud Federal Agencies and Federal Contractors
Aug 9, 2016Former CEO of Canadian Hazardous Waste Treatment Company Sentenced to Serve 63 Months in Prison for Role in Kickback and Fraud Schemes Against the United States
July 15, 2016Palm Beach County Resident Found Guilty of Defrauding Federal Agencies
July 13, 2016Former Fultonville Resident Sentenced to 18 Months for Environmental Fraud Scheme
Apr 21, 2016Two Individuals Plead Guilty in Conspiracy to Defraud Over Ten Federal Agencies
Mar 16, 2016Former CEO of Canadian Hazardous Waste Treatment Company Convicted of Conspiracy to Pay Kickbacks and Committing Major Fraud against the United States
DateNews Release
Dec 3, 2015Civil Settlement Reached With Environmental Testing Company Over Claims That Testing Procedures Were Not Followed
Oct 23, 2015Former Finance Director Of Alaska Inter-Tribal Council Sentenced In Federal Court For Theft Of Funds
Oct 22, 2015Former Executive Director Of Alaska Inter-Tribal Council Sentenced To 21 Months In Federal Prison For Theft Of Funds
Sept 11, 2015Scientists Sentenced To Prison For Defrauding The Small Business Innovation Research Program
Aug 29, 2015Edinburg Man Arrested for Making Threats
Aug 12, 2015HD Supply Waterworks To Pay Nearly $5 Million To Resolve Grant Fraud Allegations
July 30, 2015Former EPA Agent Sentenced for Making a False Statement in Connection with Pyramid Scheme
July 1, 2015Chemical Polluter Convicted in Massive Scheme to Deceive the EPA
May 20, 2015Nigerian Man Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Role In Computer Hacking Scheme That Targeted Government Employees
May 14, 2015Duke Energy Subsidiaries Plead Guilty And Sentenced To Pay $102 Million For Clean Water Act Crimes
Apr 14, 2015Man Sentenced To 30 Months In Federal Prison For Possessing Over 50,000 Images Of Child Pornography
Apr 10, 2015Former Executive And Finance Directors Of Alaska Tribal Organization Plead Guilty To Stealing Funds
Mar 23, 2015Federal Jury Convicts Scientists Of Wire Fraud, Identity Theft, And Obstruction
Feb 26, 2015Justice Department Inspector General Commends Montana U.S. Attorney's Guardians Project
Jan 29, 2015Federal Jury Convicts Former Finance Manager of the Rocky Boy Health Clinic
DateNews Release
Dec 18, 2014Savannah Man Sentenced On False Statement Charge
Dec 5, 2014Two Tampa Corporations And Four Tampa Residents Sentenced In Connection With Scheme To Unlawfully Sell An Unregistered Pesticide And Obstruct Justice
Nov 17, 2014Canadian Executive Extradited on Major Fraud Charges Involving a New Jersey Environmental Protection Agency Superfund Site
June 10, 2014Nigerian Man Admits Role In Computer Hacking Scheme That Targeted Government Employees
May 28, 2014Jett Industries Pays $500,000 To Settle Civil Fraud Allegations
Apr 4, 2014Co-Owner of New Jersey Industrial Pipes Supply Company Pleads Guilty to Making False Statement in Connection with Superfund Investigation
Mar 4, 2014Former Project Manager Sentenced to Serve Time in Prison for Role in Bid Rigging and Other Fraudulent Schemes Involving Two EPA Superfund Sites in New Jersey
Feb 12, 2014Two Tampa Corporations and Four Tampa Residents Indicted in Scheme to Unlawfully Sell an Unregistered Pesticide and Obstruct Justice
Jan 8, 2014Upstate Laboratories Sentenced to probation for 5 years and a $150,000 fine for committing mail fraud
DateNews Release
Sept 30, 2013Former Project Manager Convicted For Role In Conspiracy Schemes Involving Two Epa Superfund Sites In New Jersey
Sept 27, 2013Former EPA Senior Policy Advisor Pleads Guilty To Theft in Scheme That Cost Government Nearly $900,000
Sept 19, 2013Halliburton Pleads Guilty to Destruction of Evidence in Connection with Deepwater Horizon Disaster and Is Sentenced to Statutory Maximum Fine
Jan 29, 2013BP Exploration and Production Inc. Pleads Guilty, Is Sentenced to Pay Record $4 Billon for Crimes Surrounding Deepwater Horizon Incident
DateNews Release
Oct 16, 2012West Palm Beach Company and Owners Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Fraud in Connection with Bogus Septic Tank Products
Sept 13, 2012Managers of West Palm Beach Septic Tank Products Sentenced for Fraud
June 25, 2012Owner of "Clean Green Fuel" Convicted of Scheme to Violate EPA Regulations and Sell $9 Million in Fraudulent Renewable Fuel Claims
DateNews Release
Nov 22, 2011West Palm Beach Sellers of Unnecessary Septic Tank Products Plead Guilty to Wire Fraud
Oct 6, 2011Federal Grand Jury Indicts David P. Preston on Wire Fraud Charges
Oct 4, 2011Former EPA-CID Special Agent in Texas Pleads Guilty to Perjury and Obstruction of Justice
Oct 3, 2011Owner of Clean Green Fuel Charged in Scheme to Sell Over $9 Million in Fraudulent Renewable Fuel Credits
Sept 20, 2011Local Contractor Pleads Guilty To Defrauding City Of Sacramento Of Stimulus Funds
Sept 12, 2011Canadian National Sentenced to Serve 50 Months in Prison for Role in Fraud and Money Laundering Conspiracies Involving New Jersey Environmental Protection Agency at Superfund Site
July 27, 2011Former EPA-CID Special Agent Charged with Perjury and Obstruction of Justice
June 20, 2011Boise couple sentenced in federal court for conspiring to defraud the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality of federal grant funds that were to be used to install diesel emission reduction equipment on Idaho school buses
June 1, 2011New York Man Ordered to Pay Over $400,000 in Restitution and Fines for Role in Kickback Scheme at New Jersey Superfund Sites
May 17, 2011Hayward Baker Settlement
April 6, 2011New Jersey Wastewater Treatment and Chemical Supply Company and Owner Sentence for Their Role in Fraud Conspiracy